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Dr. Ley is a board certified theriogenologist with 38 years experience in breeding, owning, managing, treating, and riding horses. He has taught hundreds of graduate veterinarians at the University of California-Davis, Texas A&M University, Virginia Tech (VMRCVM), and Oklahoma State University. He was developer of the FoalWatch test kit. During his academic / professorial years he contributed to (i.e., author or co-author) more than 70 articles in scientific, refereed publications, multiple book chapters, and one book, Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner (Teton New Media, Jackson Hole, WY, USA, 2004, 255pp). Today his professional services are offered through his breeding specialty and general practice location at Millwood Farm LLC of Clarke County, near Winchester, VA.

While his focus / specialty is reproductive management of mares and stallions, Dr. Ley has practiced all aspects of general equine medicine, he is quite competent in and available to provide general services including, but not limited to: Pre-Purchase and Lameness Examinations*, Dentistry (Routine and Power Float), Ophthalmology, Microchipping, Neonatal (Foal) Care and Management, Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI, commonly called Health Certificates), and many Minor Surgeries (e.g, lacerations, skin biopsies, castrations, foot abscesses, etc.).

*Exams entailing digital radiographs may be referred to another local practice/practitioner