Dr. William B. Ley, DVM, MS, DACT - Millwood, VA

Dr. Ley is a board certified theriogenologist with over 29 years experience in breeding, owning, managing, treating, and riding horses. He has taught hundreds of graduate veterinarians at the University of California-Davis, Texas A&M University, Virginia Tech (VMRCVM), and Oklahoma State University. He was developer of the Foal Watch™test kit. During his academic / professorial years he contributed to (i.e., author or co-author) more than 70 articles in scientific, refereed publications, multiple book chapters, and one book, Broodmare Reproduction for the Equine Practitioner, Teton New Media, Jackson Hole, WY, USA, 2004, 255pp. Today his professional services are offered through his breeding specialty and general practice location at Millwood Farm LLC of Clarke County, near Winchester, VA.

Breeding Season :

We have re-located our breeding services to Millwood Farm, 236 Old Tuley Ln, Boyce, VA 22620. It is expected to be a busy season. Call or email for directions.

Embryo transfers (ET flushes) can start as early as the mares begin cycling. We have a limited number of private lease recipient / surrogate mares available should your need arise, but prefer to have our mare owners provide their own. Feel free to phone (540-303-2336) if you have questions or wish discuss your plans.

Stallions may stay with us as the need arises. Our barn has 21 stalls; they are large, well ventilated, and provide privacy as well as comfort and safety. Light turn out is available, depending upon your stallion's temperament. A jumping chute is planned for summer 2015.

Foaling services are provided by special arrangement only, so contact us early to discuss your mare and reserve a place!

Dr. William B. Ley offers a full service veterinary practice

Dr. William B. Ley is a board certified theriogenologist (specialist in equine reproduction). Services include fertility evaluation and breeding management of problem stallions, semen collection for shipping and/or freezing, artificial insemination (AI), embryo transfers (ET), oocyte collection and vitrification (freezing), and other forms of advanced or assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

Foaling services are offered by special consideration to those with high risk pregnancies. We provide a combined 50 years of experience in foaling mare management assisted by use of the FoalWatch™ test kit, the Foalert™ alarm system, and live feed video cameras.

Dr. Ley offers many other general services including routine dentistry, wellness programs, emergency services to established clientele, and through his professional referral associates, digital radiographs, and holistic medicine.

Dr. Ley was a Professor at the Virginia-Maryland of Regional of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM, VPI&SU) Blacksburg, VA for 15 years, where he provided clinical services through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's Equine Production Management Medicine (PMM) Service.

Dr. Ley developed the first Equine Wellness Program available for horses and the horse-owning public in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each program delivered through Dr. Ley can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.